Define Down Home

down home; Adjective . down-home (comparative more down-home, superlative most down-home) (chiefly US) Simple and unpretentious, especially having the characteristics of a Southern rural lifestyle.

Definition of down-home. : of, relating to, or having qualities (such as informality and simplicity) associated with rural or small-town people especially of the Southern U.S. down-home country cooking.

Define down-home. down-home synonyms, down-home pronunciation, down-home translation, English dictionary definition of down-home. adj. Of, relating to, or reminiscent of a simple, wholesome, unpretentious lifestyle, especially that associated with the rural southern united States.

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There was no indication that these quarterbacks would come to define their position over the next 15 years. Yet, this time, Manning, the guy with the down-home persona who hawks Papa John’s pizza.

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Provide content your audiences will use to define themselves and enhance their reputations. And posting recipes like this makes sure we all know about her decadent down-home style. People also.

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The Knotts kept expanding their restaurant to accommodate the enormous crowds-as many as 4,000 a day-that lined up for their down-home cooking. industry-an industry that they helped to define and.

Down Home in Strasburg By Peter J. Fakoury, Scenic vistas, hospitable townsfolk and traditional values define this northern Shenandoah Valley community.

down-home cooking : Deutsch – Englisch bersetzungen und Synonyme (BEOLINGUS Online-Dictionary, TU Chemnitz) A service provided by TU Chemnitz supported by IBS and MIOTU/Mio2 . And when I say my home state of Oklahoma,’ I don’t mean where I was born and then moved away from.